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Hey there, my name is Adora! I’m a two year old Collie mix, with a shiny brindle coat and a fluffy tail.

Not to brag – but I am one brave little puppy! I’ve come a very long way in the short time that I’ve been in Canada, and my foster parents are so proud of me. I’ve seen all the sights and smells of Toronto and nothing phases me! Cars? Bring it on! People? My tail is already wagging! Dogs? I’m ready to sniff around!

My crate is my safe space, I love laying down in it (when I’m not asking to cuddle on the couch) and I love to stick my head out so I can make sure that my foster moms are safe. Speaking of my foster moms – I spend most of my day being their shadow. I’m starting to even learn my name and some basic commands (I’m very food motivated and have even started clicker training)!
I’m a very sweet girl, who bonds deeply to my loved ones. I think I would do best in a home that can give me lots of attention  and get me out of the house for a run and an adventure every day. I’ll need some dedication and work, but I can’t wait to meet you and kiss you all over!