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Adoption Stories

“Redemption Paws made sure I was a good fit to adopt a dog from them. After a long questionnaire, we had someone come meet us and our home to see if it was a good environment to have a dog. That’s important to me, showed me they are for real and that they care about where the dogs are going and how their life is going to be like moving forward.

They always responded to my emails, trying to answer my questions the best way they could. We got what we were promised. All Vicky’s Vet data with all shots. Vicky came to our home without any issues. Adjusted well after a few weeks and we are now one big happy family.” – Fernando & Juliana

“After losing our 14-year-old pug, neither of us was sure that we would ever be ready to have another dog. But, by chance, we saw our girls on the Redemption Paws website and their story touched us so deeply. In the weeks after, we couldn’t stop thinking about them. The rescue was outstanding in its screening, follow-up and support. Now it seems like fate that two still-grieving pet owners would be united with two such loving, special dogs. We will always be grateful to Redemption Paws for rescuing our girls from such a sad situation and bringing them to us. Anyone on the fence about taking in a rescue shouldn’t think twice. It’s a wonderful, redemptive experience for everyone involved. Redemption Paws deserves the highest praise for its work.” – Terry

“We found Rowdy by coincidence on the website. He looked so much like our Kelly, who passed away last year at the age of 18. I knew we had to have him. We live in Muskoka and we’re worried we were too far out. By total luck one volunteer came our way and combined the house call. We had filled out the paperwork already and had my daughter-in-law from Ottawa to send the required fee per email. We had to secure our request. Redemption Paws couldn’t get a hold of the foster mom that weekend. But we got it together the Tuesday after. I was very impressed with the thoroughness of the adoption. I even found out more about his past through the vet in Texas. Rowdy is adorable, lovable and totally fit in with our other dog, a Springer rescue from the Spca and two cats. I have no regrets and would adopt in a moment again. Redemption Paws is doing a great job.” – Mary

“The adoption process was quick and straightforward. Within a few days that we sent in an adoption application, a member of the Redemption Paws team interviewed us over the telephone and arranged for a home visit. Once we officially adopted Barney, there was some confusion regarding his medical records. Nicole went above and beyond to make sure that we received his medical records from his past organization in Houston, Texas. As first-time adopters, we couldn’t be happier with how the adoption process went.” – Jen & Jayme

“Jade was my 7th foster with Redemption Paws so the adoption experience itself was easy, just fill up the adoption form, the adoption fees… The rest had already been done before I became foster. The one thing I love about Redemption Paws is the efforts made to find the best family for the pups.All the forms, phone calls, home visits, meet and greet, all is done to ensure as much as possible a perfect match between adopters and dogs.” – Marina

“We originally signed up to foster a rescue pup to help with the transition to their forever home since we weren’t sure we could fully commit to a full-time pup, but as soon as I picked up Chloe I knew I was taking her home FOREVER! Redemption Paws set us up with a foster that worked out great to adopt + the whole process was professional, seamless + the team was very thorough in the adoption to ensure the dogs are going into the best-fit home/owners. Chloe came into our lives + have changed it forever in the best way possible. We didn’t think we had time or lifestyle for a dog but all the changes we have made to accommodate her + make her feel at home at benefitted her + us immensely. Couldn’t have been happier with the whole experience. We love her! thank you Redemption Paws xoxoxox” – Tara & Nick

“Adopting Harley from Redemption Paws has been a life-changing experience.

As first time adopters, we had no expectations but wanted to give a dog the life they deserved…little did we know how much Harley would change us. His appreciation for life, wisdom and spirit grow everyday, and he has truly taught us about trust and unconditional love. He is the best friend to our other pup Roy, who eyeballs him with admiration, and a solid fixture in our family. We could not be more thankful to Redemption Paws for providing us with this opportunity.

Redemption is a professional organization that prioritizes the needs and future quality of life for the dogs it rescues. They conduct a thorough adoption process to ensure the best for the rescues and an extensive support system for both adopters and fosters. We would (and do) recommend Redemption Paws to anyone looking to help a deserving dog and cannot say thank you enough for the joy they brought to our lives.” – Brooke

“I can’t imagine a more caring group of people to welcome these dogs to Canada and their new lives. We began with fostering, and were amazed at the teamwork to cover vet visits and medications, along with any questions we had as nervous new parents! Gord is the most mellow, well-adjusted dog I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. The descriptions of the dogs are very accurate, and this is an incredibly knowledgeable team whenever you’re in need of advice.” – Kayleigh & Thomas