RP turns 5

It’s our 5-year anniversary!


It’s our 5-year anniversary….. I’m sorry what?!

In these past 5 years, we have had the amazing honor of saving thousands from euthanasia. And with it, grow a community of over 40,000 dog and animal lovers who have supported us endlessly throughout the years.

So, thank YOU, because without you we would never have been able to hit this milestone, and thousands of families would be missing a crucial piece.

We would be lying if we said rescuing is easy. It’s hard, it involves long hours, countless restless nights, and days full of panic and fear when we cannot find a foster for a pup in need. But what makes it all worth it, is seeing a happy dog, and an emotional family on adoption day (and the countless photos and videos we receive afterward).

We do it for them, but we have never done it alone. Behind the organization are dozens of volunteers, hundreds of fosters, and tens of thousands of others who support us, no matter where they live, by liking, commenting, and sharing our posts. By linking our fundraisers, and donating money that could be used for a coffee, or to buy yourselves something, and instead giving it to help a dog in need.

We are only able to do what we do, because of the support you give.

We have just launched a 5-year fundraiser with the goal of $50,000 (last year we were astonished when we were able to hit our 4-year goal of $40,000!), and are calling upon our amazing community to help us reach it!

Every dollar raised goes towards transport costs, vetting care, training, food supplies, toys, and everything else needed to provide the dogs who enter our foster care with a true second chance

To donate, and share our fundraiser, click HERE.

With love,  Redemption Paws