Raina is the most affectionate girl! She has a fun loving puppy energy but is by no means overwhelming so she doesn’t need a lot of space. She just wants to be near you at all times and is perfectly content playing with her toys at your feet! She is eager to please and responds quickly to “off” or “no”. Due to her affectionate nature, she likes to jump up when she gets excited or try to crawl in your lap when you get down to her level so we are currently working on her manners. Raina is unsure about new people, especially men, when she first meets them but quickly warms up with some encouraging words and head rubs. She has yet to use the stairs indoors and is nervous of her surroundings out on walks. She is still adjusting to her new life in Canada and we are working on building her confidence in these new situations! She has been great with my cat and with my dog. She is amazingly gentle when you give her treats, no nipping or grabbing. She sleeps well in her crate and only fusses for the first few minutes then sleeps through the night. Raina is the sweetest girl and would do well in a loving and patient home that can help her build her confidence.