Meet Moose!
He’s a total sweetheart and just wants to be by your side or at your feet. He loves his humans and warms up to everyone he meets on walks very quickly, humans and dogs alike.He has the biggest smile and gives lots of kisses; at times he thinks he’s a lap dog! He’s one big ol’ cuddle bug for sure.
He is building confidence at a rapid pace and is a very fast learner. We are working on his basic training and he’s making great progress so far! He can now do stairs with minimal hesitation and is coming along nicely with sit and lie down. We are working on house training and crate training too. We are confident he will pick this up quickly from the amazing progress we are seeing day to day.
Moose is great on walks too! He has pretty good leash etiquette and loves going on long walks. He has good energy and will do well with a moderately active family since he likes long walks, but will then enjoy passing out at home afterwards and napping peacefully the rest of the day.
He clearly loves the company of other dogs and is playful and cuddly with our other pup. He also briefly met our cat, and so far so good! Moose is a big boy with an even bigger heart, he’ll make one lucky family very happy.