Luanne is a sweet, loving soul and her puppy-like, silly, energetic personality is starting to shine through.

She just mastered our long staircase and now loves racing up and down it over and over again! She sleeps very well in her crate for 7 to 8 hours a night without a peep! We leave the crate door open during the day and she sometimes naps inside it. She has not yet been left alone in the crate, since we are both home and she just arrived.

That said, Luanne is still very much in recovery from the hardships of her earlier life. All the hustle and bustle of city life are new and scary to little Luanne. She is building up her confidence so she can go on walks in the city and she just hit a huge milestone of going on three long walks recently! She’s making so much progress in such a short amount of time! We still do spend time in the backyard and on the front porch – where she can get acclimated to the sounds and sights of a busy street even more.

It’s not clear if she is fully house-trained but we’re working on it anyhow. If you’re watching her behaviour you will probably know when she has to go. I’ve also been bringing her the backyard very regularly and praising her when she does her business outside.

She is enjoying her toys and likes to spend some time on her own chewing them. My partner is male and she adores him, so I think she would be fine with  men too.

She definitely needs a patient, experienced individual/family who are willing to work on her confidence as she is still acclimating to city life.

Judging by how she races up and down the stairs, I think that once she works through her fears, she will do best with a decent amount of exercise.

She is a true delight and loves “her people.” She will bring great joy to her new family and I look forward to seeing her blossom!