Fostering is a selfless and rewarding experience! Without foster homes, we would not be able to help the dogs we do. Foster homes allow dogs a time to decompress after being in shelter and transport. It also allows dogs to be themselves so we can place them in the best homes.

We pride ourselves on having an inclusive foster team. We work together as a community and are always there to support and help foster homes.

Our rescue is proudly LGBTQ2S friendly.

Here is how to be approved to be a foster parent:

1 – Apply on our site by filing out our foster form

2 – If you are within our foster range, we will set up a telephone interview with you

3 – We will call two references or vet references

4 – We will schedule a home visit

5 – We will give you a choice of dogs that are in need of fostering

Once approved you must provide:

  • a signed copy of our adoption of our foster contract
  • must give us accurate and updates on your foster dog’s behaviour and progress
  • must report any injury or illness of the foster dog to us


Can I foster outside of Toronto?

We do not foster out of the Toronto/GTA area because many of our dogs require additional care and support.  The GTA is considered from Pickering, north to Barrie and west to Mississauga/Brampton.

I have kids, can I foster?

We do not foster out dogs to homes with children under 12 years old, due to liability issues.

I have cats, can I foster?

We do not foster out to homes with cats IF the dog has not already lived with cats.

I have two or more dogs, can I foster?

Ideally we’d like our dogs in a home with two or less dogs so we can get an accurate assessment of the dog in its foster home.

Are medical expenses covered?

All necessary medical expenses are covered by the rescue.

What else is covered by the rescue?

Some fosters opt to provide their own crate, food, bed and other items, while others request assistance. It’s dependent on the home but please ask your foster co-ordinator and explain what you would need.

I live in a small home/condo/apartment, can I still foster?

Absolutely. So long as you are able to provide the time and exercise required for your foster dog.

What is the average time of fostering?

With some special exceptions, we found that our dogs don’t stay in fosters longer than two weeks. This may vary depending on the time of year (I.e. Christmas is very slow for adoptions)

If you have any further questions please email