Foster Information

Getting Your Foster Adopted

The number one way to get your foster dog adopted is to provide a foster “pupdate” (click here for the form) and to send us lots of photos and videos. The more photos and videos we have, the more exposure to adopters your foster gets!

Within 48 hours of getting your foster please submit your Pupdate in the link above and photos to *This is not optional*

Please makes sure these photos are:

  • clear – no blurry photos!
  • well lit – daylight makes for optimal photos
  • clean background – a neat background helps keep focus on the dog
  • photos with personality – showing your foster being silly, sleepy or happy is a bonus!


Please let us know if you need help with sourcing food for your foster. Some suggested brands we like are All Good Dog Food, Acana, Wellness, and Natural Balance.


If you are traveling outside of the city, please let our team know. If you are going away, please consult with our team so we can arrange lodging for your foster. Please give us a weeks notice when possible!


We do not condone the use of raw animal bones or rawhides. Since the dogs are not under insurance (yet) any blockage, broken teeth or any other incident would be financially costly to the rescue. We ask with whatever toys you chew that they are durable, not break or fall apart and are not ingestible.


Your dog should not be off-leash unless in a secure area. Many dog parks are NOT secure and have openings. No lost dogs please!


Dog Parks

Please do not bring your foster dog to a dog park. This is prohibited as the dogs are new and we are just getting to know them. It is too risky of a situation to put a new dog in.

Veterinarian Care

Please do not take your foster to a veterinarian without consulting management. We will not pay for any bills you incur without approval. To book an appointment email for approval. Once approved, please let us know the time of your appointment so we can call to give the OK for treatment.


In case of medical emergency, you are to notify the foster manager right away. The rescue will not pay for any treatment unless you have cleared it with a member of our management team. You are required to provide your own transportation to the emergency vet. Please make an emergency plan if that is not already readily available.

VEC – 920 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4W 3C7 (416) 920-2002 
TVEH – 21 Rolark Dr, Scarborough, ON M1R 3B1 (416) 247-8387
Veterinary Emergency Hospital of West Toronto – 150 Norseman St, Etobicoke, ON M8Z 2R4 (416) 239-3453
Vaughan Richmond Hill Veterinary Clinic – 10303 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3B9 (905) 884-1832

For non-catastrophic emergencies, Downtown Animal Hospital is open until 12 am.


Foster “Failing”

Foster failing is to adopt the dog you intended to foster. We find this happens in 30% of our fosters, primarily those who are fostering as a means to work towards adoption. As a foster parent, you do not get “first dibs” on your foster dog. If you are interested in adopting your foster, please notify us right away and then apply through our website to adopt. There is no discount for foster fails. It is not acceptable to change your mind last minute once the adoption has been processed to another home. It takes a lot of time and resources to screen and vet our adopters. We also acknowledge that foster homes aren’t always the best adoptive home for each and every dog.


Foster “Bailing”

Foster bailing is when a foster parent rejects their foster dog. Foster bailing is stressful for our dogs as it means they are getting bumped around. It’s stressful for our staff as it means making last minute and rushed placements. Foster bailing should be a last resort. You have made a commitment to foster a dog, please see your commitments through. We do our best to ensure adequate foster placements are made, but these are dogs, they are emotional and sensitive creatures. Please work with them and not against them.


Fostering & Emotional Intelligence

Fostering a dog is a selfless act. It requires a level of emotional intelligence, defined as: “the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically”. Fostering a dog means understanding where your foster has come from, having empathy with what they are going through and the ability to let them be adopted.


Meet & Greets

Meet & Greets are when we arrange an adopter to come meet with you and your foster dog. M&G’s are only scheduled once the applicant has passed all our reference checks. They may bring along their existing dog for this visit.

Existing Dog M&G

We ask that you introduce your foster dog and their dog on neutral territory. Ideally walking side by side on the sidewalk for a short walk before doing a proper “bum sniff” introduction.

No-dog M&G

Some fosters prefer to have the potential adopters come to their home to introduce the dog. This is completely up to the foster home, but please do not do anything that makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

Report Post-M&G

It is very important that once the M&G is completed that you report back to the adoptions and foster team. Your opinion matters, if you had a weird feeling, didn’t like something the adopter did or said please include this in the e-mail. Please send this e-mail no longer than an hour post-M&G

No potential adopter should leave with the dog on the first M&G.


Adoption Day

Once your foster dog has been approved for a home, we arrange a time for the adopters (who you will have already met by now) to come pick up their dogs. They should arrive with their own leash, collar, and a pre-made dog tag with their information on it. If they do not have this, they can not take the dog. All the paperwork, including adoption fee, will have been processed by the admin team. Vetting will also be sent by our admin team to the adoptive home. Once the adopter has taken the dog please contact us RIGHT AWAY to let us know adoption has been completed.


Please contact the foster manager for any questions or concerns. You can post general questions to our Volunteer Group. Please do not direct message members of our management team through Facebook, especially at all hours of the night. They are volunteers and have lives too 🙂