Elijah is an absolute sweetheart. He’s settling in very nicely to a proper routine and home life. A bundle of happy and positive energy, he just loves everyone and everything! He gets excited with every human he sees and he has yet to meet a dog he doesn’t like or get along with. He and his foster brother Jack spend the day wrestling and sharing toys.
Elijah’s manners are improving every day and he’s learning about personal space, but who needs that anyway? His excitement for life sometimes makes it hard for him to focus, but he’s progressing really well with shorter training sessions, several times a day.
He loves going outside for walks and he’s bouncy and spunky but walks pretty well on leash! He’s great at greeting other doggos on his walks and he’s curious sometimes when big trucks go by, but hasn’t seemed scared by anything. He does well in his crate and sleeps through the night without a peep until you let him out.
Elijah’s looking for a home with people spend time playing with him, giving him proper exercise and continuing his training. He’s ready to learn and eager to to please and just wants to be loved by people. He spreads joy wherever he goes and he’s going to make a wonderful addition to someone’s home