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Stevie is a 4-year-old Hound mix that was born with an eye condition that prohibits him from full vision. He is very sweet, eager to place, loves to play with other dogs and likes to snuggle! He is very tall and lean and is a very sweet guy. He was pulled in horrible shape from a high kill shelter on the coast of Texas. After living in Austin he was sent to us so he might have a chance for a home!

Some dogs come into this world and wow us – Stevie is one of those dogs. He was found wandering as a stray off the coast of Texas. Blind, his eyes full of infection, a leg that looked like it had been snarled by another dog, and unable to fully hear, Stevie won over hearts at a very high kill shelter.

He was placed into a very busy rescue that did not have the means to work with a dog like Stevie. We picked Stevie up just outside of Austin, Texas, and drove him to Canada where his adventure continued.

This handsome hound mix (maybe even Catahoula), was tall, lanky and lovable. He loves other dogs, soft beds and couches, and adores people. He just wants to be loved on. He continues to thrive in his foster home with another dog in similar temperament.

He learns the lay of the land quickly and isn’t busy bumping into things but navigates with the kind of grace you might not expect for a dog with his disability.

Stevie’s dream home includes:
– a quiet house or apartment, in a quiet neighborhood
– one that likes going for easy walks or a fun hike
– someone that will love on him a lot, all the pets for Stevie
– a home with another mellow dog is a bonus but not necessary
– someone who realizes that Stevie’s disabilities don’t make him less of a dog, but that they make him a truly remarkable survivor

Stevie is about 45lbs and is working on filling out his waistline. He takes a daily anti-anxiety medication that costs less than $40 a month, but he hopes someday he won’t need it once all the changes are over. His eye cavity was closed via surgery to prevent further infection to him, his medical care is quite minimal.

Stevie communicates with people through touch. A simple slip leash lets him know he’s safe or when he’s being naughty. Just like any dog, Stevie needs empathy and boundaries. He will thrive in the right home, just like he is in his foster home!

You will never meet a dog like Stevie again, we promise!

Hound mix
, Estimated 2 - 4 years old
, 45 lbs
, Male