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Here comes Pickles!! Pickles is a heeler/Sher Pei mix, and about 1 year old. He is super goofy and full of energy. He will need an active household to keep him from getting bored. He is very affectionate and loves to give kisses. He is a smart dog and learns pretty quickly. By the second day he already knew sit and was starting to understand stay.

Pickles loves his walks! He is continuing his leash training, and has already made great progress. He wants to say hello and play with everyone he meets (dogs, or humans). He is very friendly to other dogs. Even if they are barking at him (he will sit or stop where he is and watch them as they go by, like “no play?”). Pickles has even been known to lie down and let small dogs come to him. He really likes kids but still needs some manners (tries to jump and play). He is super friendly and wouldn’t hurt a thing; he just needs to learn his manners.

Oh! Did we mention he loves his crate? He will happily sleep all night curled up with his blanket. Overall, Pickles is a sweetheart. He will try to lie on you and then roll over on his back for belly rubs (while still on you haha). Just watch out because he loves socks and if you are not look he will try and steal it haha. You will know he has one because he happily prances away.

Heeler mix
, 1 year old
, Medium (43 lbs)
, Male