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Our guy Fonzie! Fonzie is a handsome dog, very full of energy, and will need a firm furever home that will help him learn his strengths and also his boundaries! In typical Boxer style, Fonzie is a jumper. So a home without young kids would be best; he is vocal when seeing/meeting other dogs, but can get intimidated and fearful if the other dog is also responsive to him. Fonzie is at his happiest when he is able to play with other dogs; he is a high energy boy, so he can be boisterous, but as long as the other dogs are up for a good-run and good-wrestle, he’s got the right moves! He has not been cat-tested, but we would not recommend him with a home with a cat, as he is very eager to say hello and likes to chase!

Fonzie isn’t the biggest fan of baths, but his foster-mom said that he was easy to handle and even took to the hair-dryer (in true Fonz style). He loves his treats too, and is very gentle when accepting them.

Fonzie would do best in a home with some space, and probably even a backyard so that he can let off some steam after a long day of lounging; he likes to stay close to his people and is also quite affectionate as well! He has made a lot of progress with both his leash-training and separation anxiety – he stresses when left alone but with a bit more work, will stress no more. He likes his crate to just go and relax in, but he does not like the door closed as this causes him anxiety; he should be crated while you are away and building his confidence in you will be key! He has interacted well with large animals (namely Horses) and would be a fantastic dog outside of the city! He’s very smart and picks up on his learning very quickly!

Are you looking for an adventure dog? Are you active and do you work an easy schedule? PERFECT! Apply to adopt Fonzie today.

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redemption paws fonzie boxer heeler

Heeler x Boxer
, 1.5 years old
, Medium (40lbs)
, Male