Is there a better way to kick off 2019 than with a new BFF? Meet Astrid! This sweet lady enjoys nothing more than a cuddle session with you on the couch, and is very affectionate towards her people. She is quick to befriend guests (human and canine alike!), who are amazed at how gentle, affectionate and cuddly she is. She’s a pretty low key lady, but benefits from the occasional play session with her humans and foster sister. Astrid is very dog social and would do great in a home with another playful yet gentle pup. She loves her toys, and will often take her favourite squeaky toys into her crate for a little nap during the day. She is crate trained, and has no issue spending her nights there. In the morning, Astrid is super excited to see her humans again and go for a walk. Astrid has excellent leash skills. She is still very excited about all the new scents in Toronto, and will spend as much time as she can sniffing around and getting familiar with her surroundings. Astrid has a lots of love to give, and cannot wait to be in a loving forever home of her own!