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Bodhi came to us in rough shape after being adopted and returned to a facility in Texas, he tried to dig under the fence and cut up his face in the process. We let Bodhi decompress, his face is healed and he’s playing with other dogs daily. He listens well but is a strong dog […]


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Like his brother, Pepper, Sawyer is a well-adjusted and handsome guy. He is young, so he definitely needs some work on his basic commands and with walking on a leash. Sawyer gets excited when walking on a leash and does tend to pull, he would benefit from a J-Walk/Easy-Walk harness. He is very affectionate and […]


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Abby is an old gal; she is very sweet and just wants some love and affection to get her through these chilly days. She is your typical senior and a ode to one of our favourite sayings; “Senior dogs snuggle better!” She is friendly and calm with other dogs, doesn’t seem to pay them too […]


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If there is anything to be said about Riona, it is definitely that is a calm, old-soul. She is around 4 years young, and has had two or three litters of puppies in her former Texan life. She is gentle and calm, affectionate and shy, and sticks to her foster mom’s side when out and […]


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Amadeus is a gorgeous 9 month old Australian Cattle Dog mix from the heart of Texas. He arrived with his brother Wolfgang, they were born homeless together. Amadeus is very smart, very outgoing and very athletic! He needs a home who will meet his exercise needs, training and give him rules. He needs a lot […]


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Betsy is a Shepherd x Lab mix and is about 3.5 years old; she is shy, independent lady. She can be hesitant around new dogs and new people, however, she warms up quickly when she can do it at her own pace! She doesn’t seem too interested to hang-out and play with other dogs and […]


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Little Bruno is a curious and cautious little-man. He is friendly with other dogs with good introductions, but it weary of bigger dogs. He also likes his space; he will go into his crate to hang-out and relax, but does become anxious when his Foster Family has to leave and he stays in there on […]


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Wolfgang, in many ways, is a typical puppy. Silly, aloof, needing structure and schedule, boundaries, and someone to be patient with him in regards to his training! He knows some basic commands, he can sit and comes when he is called! As like with most Heelers, he is very eager to learn and please; so […]


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Benji is a year-old Pug x Chihuahua cross (cuuuuttteee!!!!), standing at a whopping 15lbs! He’s a little guy, and would benefit from a quiet space to call his own! He is crate-trained and house-trained, and his Foster Mom says that he’s affectionate and lovable! Being a smaller guy, larger dogs may startle him at first, […]


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Mr. Smiley, who we’ve grown to call Smiley for short is a real bundle of fun and energy! Though he is still getting used to his new life in the city – and all the noises that come with it – he is a very affectionate and full of life! He will need a patient […]

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Don’t let her size fool you, little Cookie has a lot of love and energy to go around! His foster parents say she has an amazing temperament when interacting with humans and with other dogs (bigger dogs are o.k. as long as their play is a bit more gentle). She will make a great travel […]

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Willow is a sweet, shy, and affectionate young girl. She is quite young, a family that is willing to work with her and give her time is important. She likes her crate and is crate-trained, and is house-broken as well; during the last few weeks in foster she has really built her confidence and is […]


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Gabe is a sweet happy go lucky boy from Houston. He loves all people and is a fun loving guy. He’s quirky, he loves to look in the mirror- his foster calls him “GQ Gabe”, he likes to sit on your head, or lie with his bum in the air while snorting. He likes to […]


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Pepper is a beautiful Australian Cattle Dog mix who arrived to Toronto with his brother Sawyer. Pepper is very dog social and playful, would be the perfect dog-park companion or running buddy! He does get excited when coming into contact with smaller animals, but his Foster Mom is able to redirect his attention and keep […]



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Oh, Glen! If you ask anyone how they feel about Glen, this is how they will start their thought; 10/10 times! He is a young Dalmation, about 2 years old, and was born without the ability to hear. Glen is just so incredibly full of love. His Foster Mom describes him as “Mr. Popular,” he […]


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Meet little Margo! Margo gets along well with most/all dogs, with proper introductions. She can be an independent lady, but also loves to pretend she is a shadow and follow you around for love! Margo needs some work on her confidence and some overall training/manners, but she is ready to please her family! She barks […]

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Meet Dillion! Our shy and affectionate hound-mix; Dillion is great with other dogs but is definitely not the alpha of the pack. He is ok to stay in his crate while you are away, and needs someone who will help transform him into a confident dashing young-pup! He walks great on his leash, but will […]


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Meet Bubba! He’s a golden oldie with a lot of love to give. He came to us at not fault of his own! He’s 11 years young and walks with a little limp from an old injury. He is snuggly and cuddly and wants to be around people. He is great on a leash and […]